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Designing Spaces Announces Partnership with North American Retail Hardware Association Pompano Beach, Florida, United States of America ( April 20, 2012 — Popular home improvement show “Designing Spaces” on Lifetime Television and the North American Retail Hardware Association have created the “Let’s Plan it Together 2012” partnership dedicated to empowering DIYers to keep the home [...]

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Designing Spaces on Lifetime with Renee Menozzi, Grouting Expert

The following segment aired on Lifetime Television. Joining the show was Renee Menozzi from Coat of Armor to discuss do-it-yourself grouting.


Designing Spaces: We love DIY projects. We think of grout and tile as a project for the pros, but with the right knowledge and materials it’s not hard at all.


Coat of Armor: When it comes to tile and grout projects in your home, they can sometimes seem a bit intimidating but with the right knowledge, help and product, it can be an easy, fulfilling and even rewarding do-it-yourself project.


Designing Spaces: So that’s why we’ve invited grout solutions expert, Renee Menozzi, from Coat of Armor Grout Solutions to tell us just how easy it can be.


Coat of Armor: We’re going to talk about the grout between the tiles in your floor.


Designing Spaces: I know most home owners have this and they’re tired of trying to keep this grout clean and free from mold and mildew. They don’t want to waste their valuable time scrubbing our grout anymore.


Coat of Armor: You’re right; no one likes to scrub grout. Many people are on their hands and knees scrubbing their grout just to keep that surface clean and it’s a never ending battle.


Designing Spaces: So you’re going to give me a solution to just rip up the tiles and replace them?


Coat of Armor: No actually, to do that you’re looking at a large sum of money to have that done, a huge mess and a lot of time. We have a product that goes right over the existing grout, it’s called Coat of Armor Grout Solutions and it really is the simplest, easiest way to cure your problems with grout.

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Designing Spaces on Lifetime with Dr. Fuji Fuji

The following segment aired on Designing Spaces on Lifetime Television. Joining the show was Dr. Fuji Fuji more information on the Fujiiryoki Body Slimmer.


Reporter, Roser: Now, we’re going to shake our booty. Well, James is as he tries out the intense, but fun full body trimmer. Also, we’ll meet Doctor Fuji Fuji, who puts James in the driver’s seat of a lounge chair that’s wired up for ultimate comfort. Nice. And he gets a digitally spaced out handle on some out of this world electronics.


Reporter, James Vaughn: With so much to see, I decided to veer off course and that’s when I can across this. Interesting to say the least, right. So, of course, I had to give it a try. This is the Fujiiryoki Body Slimmer. It’s designed to help increase power, muscle, strength and physical performance. So here we go. I’m trying to explore CES here and I didn’t what this is. Is it an exercise machine? Is this like a personal makes you dance machine?


Dr. Fuji Fuji: It shapes your booty.


Designing Spaces: All right, I had to ask these girls. Everything’s in Japanese. I don’t know what it says. This is the butt show. So, I’m trying to figure it out. I guess I pick out my butt that I want, if I want the bubble butt or the shaggy or the loose butt. I’m going to’ just step on here. All right, this is number one; it’s called relax. I guess we got to’ jump to crazy. So, here we go. Let’s see what happens. Whoa, whoa. Somehow, I’m sure if this is even appropriate for television anymore. I don’t even know what’s going on out here. I’m on crazy. Do I put something else? Wow, it’s getting more, whoa. This thing’s getting harder, Is this safe?


Dr. Fuji Fuji: Oh wait, you’re just on one, you got to’ go to crazy. There you go.


Designing Spaces: Whoooo. I’m definitely feeling something here. CES has totally turned into either a workout or a hip-hop club. I don’t know what’s going on, but, either way I feel like I got it going on. This body trimmer is pretty fun, but it’s intense. So now it’s time to tone it down and relax, if Doctor Fuji Fuji will let me.


Designing Spaces: This feels really, really good. Doctor Fuji, this is amazing.


Dr. Fuji Fuji: Okay, you see, my friend. It just picks you right up after you have a feast, already, Another ten years (not understandable), No, no, no, no, hold on, hold on, hold on.

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